Monday, August 15, 2011

Founders Blushing Monk

Beer Review #143
This beer comes back to production after not being produced since 2007. Founders VP Dave Engbers says: "We haven’t produced this product in over four years and people have been begging for it—so this is the perfect time to bring Blushing Monk back to market.” Blushing Monk is a decadent Belgian Raspberry Ale that was last produced in 2007, and is still highly sought after. 9.2% ABV

My Thoughts:  This beer poured a very dark black raspberry color with minimal head.   This beer looked very wine like.  The smell was both sweet and sour at the same time, very complex.  Black and red raspberries jump out of the glass and greet your nose, almost like a sweet/sour red wine...if there was such a thing.  The taste was of dark cherry and sweet raspberry to start.  Mid-drink some sour notes come into play and flow right until the after taste.  The sweet/sour aftertaste also had a little bite to it, like cranberries have.  The flavor of this beer was something very unique, no doubt because of the insane amount of raspberries used to produce this beer.    The body of this beer was average, as was the carbonation.  I split this bottle with my fiancee, and I can tell you that after having half of the 750ml bottle I was plenty happy.  For me, drinking a whole bottle by myself wouldn't be overly fun.  That being said, for the style that it is I give Founders props for bringing this beer back to the market.

Serving Type: 750ml bottle $16.99
My Rating: Overall 83.5/100
Look:4.25 | Smell:4.25 | Taste:4.25 | MouthFeel:4.25 | Drinkability:3.75


  1. I dislike raspberries and fruit beer- so I was prepared to hate this beer. Somehow, I found myself thoroughly enjoying it! Perfect for a hot Summer day; I wish I had another bottle.

  2. Founders has never really disappointed me. I thought this was fantastic. If you like cherry pie, get some cerise before the stores run out of it(I can still get it around canton). Tastes exactly like a piece of pie; bready and spicy, with cherry tartness and sweetness.



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