Monday, August 1, 2011

Cleveland Craft Beer Community Meet Up at Thirsty Dog Brewing

On Saturday, July 30th many of the Cleveland Craft Beer Community members attended a meet up at Thirsty Dog Brewing Company in Akron.  If you are not familiar with the Craft Beer Community, simply put, it is a group of craft beer lovers, now over 150 members, who get together monthly at different locations to drink beer together.  Many of us communicate on Twitter, Facebook and through a few Cleveland Craft Beer sites like my own, Bobby Likes Beer, The Brewers Daughter, and Cleveland Hops.  Our mission is to spread knowledge and awareness not only about local craft beer, but also craft beer from all over the world.  The other amazing thing about this group are the friendships that have been made over a few pints of beer.  If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of please visit our Facebook Group today!  There are no costs to join other than paying for your own pints of beer at the meet ups!

For this particular event, Thirsty Dog owner John Najeway was on hand to pour beers and give us a very detailed tour.  During the tour he told us about the history of the building and how Thirsty Dog came to be.  After the tour he spent a lot of time talking with everyone at the event, which was a great chance for everyone to really get to know the guy behind Thirsty Dog!  Some of the brews we had a chance to try were Whippet Wheat, Twisted Kilt, Barktoberfest, 12 Dogs of Christmas, Barrel Aged 12 Dogs of Christmas, Siberian Night and Barrel Aged Siberian Night.  To me the stars were the two Barrel Aged versions!  I didn't spend time notes because I spent my time having a great time with everyone. The fun part of these events is talking to all the different people about beer and just about every day life.   It's amazing how much craft beer heads have in common with each other.  I did take plenty of pictures, so I hope these give you an idea of what our day was like.
Whippet Wheat Brewed with Peaches--Will be at Blues and Brews
My Favorite Picture!
This meet up was a blast.  Thanks to all who came out,  I am already looking forward until the next time we can all share a pint together!  Please encourage your friends who love craft beer to join the group!  Cheers!

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  1. As always, a great time and a great write-up! This was my absolute favorite event that we've ever had together as a community. Very few of our "core" members were absent and everyone truly enjoyed the great beers and each other's company. Conversation came so easily and at the end of the day, the only regret was that we didn't have more time all together!

    John Najeway was a fantastic host. His stories were personal, funny, and really showed his love of craft beer. The tour he gave was perfect. He recognized that we had all taken the standard brewery tour, so he focused on what made his brewery interesting. Smart call, and extremely effective.

    I'm so glad that Heather had the brilliant idea to gather her friends together at Thirsty Dog! Thanks, also to you- for writing this post and causing me to reflect on what a wonderful day it was! Your pictures bring it all back.



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