Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pizza Port Great American Brown Ale

Beer Review #139
A note....Pizza Port is a Brewery/Pizza joint in California.  Check out their website and if you ever come across their brews be sure to grab a pint.!

My Thoughts:  This beer poured a deep dark brown with just a hint of red.  The head on the pour was rich, foamy and tan colored.  The smell somewhat nutty and was rich with roasted malt, a touch of chocolate and an even fainter scent of vanilla.  The taste starts out with just a touch of vanilla and is quickly followed by a roasted nutty malt body that actually had a slight bubbly bitterness and a hint of vanilla again towards the end.  The flavors of this beer all blend very well together and deliver a very well balanced brown ale.  The body was medium and mildly creamy with average carbonation.   After about drinking half a glass the beer had a chance to warm a bit and I thought the flavor got even better.  In fact, if I had to drink another glass of this I would have let it sit about 5 minutes before even taking a sip.  I enjoyed this take on a brown ale and if you see it around I recommend trying it.   It was rated at 6.3% ABV.

Serving Type: 16oz Draft
My Rating: Overall 86/100
Look:4.25 | Smell:4.5 | Taste:4.25 | MouthFeel:4.25 | Drinkability:4.25


  1. Maybe I am missing something - what Brewery? Would be nice to know... Thanks, Dan

  2. Dan, the Brewery is Pizza Port. They are out of California. Here is a link to their site.

    I'll also add that to the review because this is a VERY uncommon beer in Ohio because they do no distribute here.



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