Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long Trail Brewmasters Double IPA

Beer Review #138
My Thoughts: The color of this beer was hazy orange with a moderate foamy head that lingered on for quiet a while.  The smell was both sweet and hoppy at the same time with rich scents of orange, peach and mango coming through.  The taste started out with a quick burst of orange bitterness that was quickly followed by a rush of bubbly and sweet mango and citrus that was very pleasing.  A slight malt backbone shows up more towards the end, and right at the end a mild lingering bitterness remains.  To me though, this tasted more like an IPA than a Double IPA, it was rated at 86ibu.  The mouthfeel was a little creamy/sticky with a medium body and average carbonation.   This beer was very easy to drink and the 8.6% ABV was not noticeable at all.  If you enjoy a citrus style IPA this beer is worth a try, but like I said I have a hard time putting this into the DIPA category. 

Serving Type: 22oz Bottle
My Rating: Overall 84/100
Look:4.25 | Smell:4 | Taste:4.25 | MouthFeel:4.25 | Drinkability:4.25


  1. Good review. Long Trail Ale is one of my all time favorite beers. Where did you pick this up?

  2. John, I found this while in DC. I meant to mention that in the review! If I see it again I'll let you know! I agree, it was pretty tasty.



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