Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cigar City 110K+OT Batch #4

Beer Review #130
I also found this brew at ChurchKey Bar in Washington DC during a special Cigar City tapping.  This version of 110K+OT is batch #4 in their series.  Here is some information I found from the brewer "Based loosely on our Tocobaga Ale with a serious kick, this time we have crafted an agressively hop forward Imperial Red Ale which we tried to make different and stand out from Batch #3 by actually attenuating the beer this time for a flavor that leads itself to more balance and less of that cloyingly sweet profile that Batch #3 was known for. We think you will enjoy it, especially once you get your gold-toed work boots off and put those feet up. Whether you drink it from your gold chalice or the bottle is up to you." 10.1% ABV best served at 48degrees. 
My Thoughts: This beer poured a very dark maroon/burgundy with a tan foamy head that went away so quickly it was gone by the time I snapped the picture.  The smell was mildly hoppy with a strong caramel and sweet malt backbone.  This beers flavor started out with a minor grapefruit hop presence and was quickly followed by sweet caramel and then at the end the hops came back a bit.  There was not much to this beer, but was there was 40% hops and 60% malt.  I would have liked to see this beer with more of a 50/50 split, but that being said I did enjoy its creamy body and its light carbonation and would gladly order it again if I saw it on tap.
Serving Type: 10oz Draft
My Rating: Overall 82/100
Look: 4.25 | Smell: 4 | Taste: 4 | MouthFeel: 4.25 | Drinkability: 4.25

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