Monday, May 2, 2011

Rust Belt Old Man Hopper's IPA

Review #118
Here is what the Brewer says:
I could not find anything regarding what the Brewer has to say about this beer other than the story printed on the side of the bottle.
My Thoughts:  This beer poured a very dark and cloudy copper, almost a rust color with a large amount of tan colored head.  The smell was all caramel malt sweetness with a hint of breadiness, nothing signaled IPA at this point because I didn't get one scent of hops on the nose.  The taste of this beer had me puzzled too.  If I was doing a blind tasting I wouldn't even be able to tell this was an IPA.  The hops are nonexistent. The flavor totally followed the nose into a caramel malty sweetness.  The end of this beer had a metallic taste to it.  I don't know how this beer is labeled an IPA.  Mouthfeel and carbonation were both very light.  Drinkability of this beer for me was horrible.  I didn't even finish the 22oz bottle.  I'm really not sure what Rust Belt Brewing is going for with this IPA.  They did achieve a rust colored, sweet metallic tasting beer, just not an IPA.  Maybe I got a bad bottle (no date anywhere to be found), but I won't be buying another one any time soon.
Serving Type: 22oz bottle
My Rating: Overall 16.50/100
Look: 2 | Smell: 1 | Taste: 0.5 | Feel: 1 | Drink: 0.5


  1. From what I heard from pretty good sources that beer that sits on the shelves is around 2 yrs old. I had one when it was fresh(er) and it was like an amber. Was it a 2.99 bomber?

  2. It was more than $2.99...but not more than $10. (I forget the price.) The lady at the store I got it from said they just got the shipment in too. Do they age it 2 years at the brewery?

  3. No it changed distributors hands and the distributor that carries it now bought the left over unsold inventory. They had marked it down from 4-5 bucks to $2.99. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole!

  4. Even if I got it back in PA in late February?

  5. I am not quite sure on purchasing it in PA. They would have different dist. So it's possible that it was fresher. Either way though I did not think it was an IPA when I had it over a year ago, to me it seemed like an amber.



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