Monday, March 21, 2011

Fat Head's Voodoo Monkey Chocolate Stout

Here is what the Brewer says:
A luxurious chocolate stout brewed with 70% cacao dark chocolate from Belgium, whole vanilla beans, and milk sugar for a rich creamy stout.
6.5% ABV 35IBU

My Thoughts:  This beer poured a very dark brown, almost black in color with a creamy tan foamy head.  The smell of this brew was mild.  Notes of sweet chocolate and a hint of vanilla came through on the nose.  The taste went a different direction from the nose in terms of intensity.  The initial dark chocolate flavors were sweet, but were quickly replaced by a very strong vanilla flavor that dominated the 2nd half of this beer and the after taste.  I must say my palate is ultra sensitive to vanilla, and I don't care for it to dominate like it did in this beer.  I asked a fellow craftbeer community member (Stacey @jukebox65) that happened to be there what she thought, and she agreed that the vanilla was very strong.  This confirmed for me that my palate was not tricking me, and that the vanilla was indeed pretty strong in this brew.   The mouth feel was medium/full, while the carbonation was mild.  Drinkability for me was one and done because I didn't care for the strong vanilla flavor.  I was told that the vanilla was much more mild on cask, but that was not available while I was at the brewpub.  With the sequencing of flavors that come out in this beer a think a more fitting name would be Voodoo Monkey Chocolate-Vanilla Stout.  If you like vanilla you might really like this brew, but for me I couldn't get past the vanilla.
Serving Type: 16oz Draft

My Rating: Overall 64.25/100

look: 4.25 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 2.75 | feel: 3.25| drink: 3

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