Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Here is what the Brewer Says:
We use three mashes to brew each batch of this beer, achieving a luscious deep dark chocolate flavor though a blend of specially roasted malts.  We brew it every year for the winter season.  It is delicious when newly bottled, but also ages beautifully for years.
Style:Imperial Stout
Malts:American Two-Row Malts
Hops:Willamette, American Fuggle

My Thoughts: The color of this beer was black.  Head was minimal and really only a little foam remained around the rim as I drank it.   The smell was of rich chocolate, sweet roasted malt and a hint of coffee.  The taste was out of this world.  Very dark chocolate hits you right from the start.  Mid-drink you are tasting the roasted sweet flavors of malt, a hint of hops, and coffee. At the end a surprise hint of bourbon flavor kicks in without being overpowering.   That taste lingers on until your next sip and then the fun starts over again.  My friend and I both had it on draft and were blown away by the richness, smoothness and flavor of this beer. Carbonation was medium which really helped the overall mouth-feel on this brew.  The 10.1%ABV is really hidden amazingly well in all of the wonderful flavors and this beer scores very high on drinkability in my book!  This is a wonderful winter beer that is sure to warm anyone up!!

My Rating: Overall 96/100
look: 5 | smell: 4.75 | taste: 5 | feel: 4.5 | drink: 4.5


  1. One of my absolute favorite easily obtainable beers. I completely agree that the alcohol is well hidden and the beer goes down almost too easy. I've never bothered to check the ABV, but reading that it's 10.1% does explain a few things! Thanks for bringing that to my attention!



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