Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top Craft Beers of June and July 2011

I'm not going to lie, I kind of forgot to do my monthly write up of my favorite brews for the past two months.  Writing up the monthly summary is something I really look forward to because it gives me a chance to reflect on my reviews in the past 30 days.  While writing this summary up it really got me thinking about my scoring increments.  I've started to notice that I'm getting beers that are rated the same, but I "liked" one better.  (An example below would be Lake Erie Monster and The Oracle...I like Monster better, but they are rated the same.)   So, after looking over scores and ratings I'm going to begin to transition my scoring to finer increments. Right now the increments are .25. My plan is that I'm going to move to .10 increments to get even finer, and hopefully more accurate ratings.

Anyways....This summer I have been truly blessed with drinking and reviewing some great beers.  In June and July there were 8 beers that scored 90 or better on my rating scale...That's a pretty good month!  So for your reading, and hopefully drinking pleasure I give you my top brews of June and July 2011!

  1. Willoughby Brewing Hopnotic Imperial Red Rye IPA 98.5/100
  2. Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster Double IPA 95/100
  3. Bell's The Oracle Double IPA 95/100
  4. Fat Heads Stone Aged Imperial Stout 92/100
  5. Sierra Nevada Beer Camp #29 Double IPA 91/100
  6. Pizza Port Swamis IPA 90.5/100
  7. Dogfish Head Squall IPA 90.5/100
  8. Pizza Port Taurantula 2.0 Black IPA 90/100 
I also had the pleasure of attending Blues and Brews which was another great local Craft Beer event in Akron Ohio.  If you missed my recap here it is.  Cheers!

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