Monday, August 29, 2011

Fat Head's Spooky Tooth Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Beer Review #147
Here is what the Brewer says: Rich amber color with aroma of sweet pumpkin pie and savory spices with hints of sweet malt. Rich and creamy with a chewy mouthfeel that you can sink your teeth into. Flavors of pumpkin up front then sweet malt, pie crust, spice, hints of brown sugar and a clean finish.  8.7%ABV 21IBU
Pumpkin Ale season is something I look forward to every year.  I do tend to wait until at least September 1st before diving into the fall seasonals, but when I saw Fat Head's had their Imperial Pumpkin Ale out and we were making a trip in that direction I knew I had to stop to do a review.

My Thoughts:  This beer poured a brownish orange rust color and was somewhat transparent with virtually no head.  It looked like it was going to have a nice body to it based on the color (more on that later.)  The smell was of roasted pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg.  When my fiancee and I smelled it we really had high hopes because it smelled complex and sort of like pumpkin pie!  The initial taste start out just like the nose suggested, pumpkin pie.  Cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar all came through nicely.  After a few more sips we both noticed something starting to happen, the back of our throats were really drying out during the aftertaste.  This drying out started to change the way this beer tasted to both of us.  About halfway done with the 12oz pour I noticed that the flavor started to get very one note.  The complexity that started faded out and left us wanting it back.   The mouthfeel also left us wanting a little more body.  This beer was very thin on the mouthfeel and had low/mild carbonation.  The look and smell of the beer suggested a medium body, but we were left wishing this beer was a little thicker considering it was an Imperial Pumpkin ale.  Drinkablity was easy because it was pretty thin and not very filling.  That being said, neither of us really cared for back to back glasses because of the way the 2nd half of this beer went down.  In summary, this is a good, not great Imperial Pumkpin ale that is sure to please most with its light body and pumpkin pie like flavors.

Serving Type: 12oz Draft
My Rating: Overall 79.9/100
Look:4.8 | Smell:4.5 | Taste:3.8 | MouthFeel:3.5 | Drinkability:3.8

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