Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp #29 Double IPA

Beer Review #132
Here is what the Brewer Says:
My Thoughts:  This beer poured hazy bright orange with minimal head retention after an initial large amount of foamy white head. The smell was bold in terms of pine, grapefruit and orange.  It also had a very earthy grassy hop smell with minimal malt detected.  The flavor followed the nose pretty closely.  Grapefruit hit my palate at first and by mid-drink it was a mixed batch of equal grapefruit and pine.  At the end, a mild toasty malt tried to creep in, but it was no match for the lingering dry pine resin finish.  The taste of this beer to me was very good because the hops really played well together and never were "too much" for my palate.  This beer had a creamy mouthfeel with medium body and average carbonation.  The drinkability on this for me was excellent and I honestly wish I could get a 6 pack of this for the summer!

Serving Type: 12oz Bottle
My Rating: Overall 91/100
Look:4.5 | Smell:4.75 | Taste:4.5 | MouthFeel:4.5 | Drinkability:4.5

1 comment:

  1. Love this one, but the price of the Beer Camp sampler and my unfavorable opinion of the Juniper Black Ale keep me from getting another. I too wish I could get this in a 6 pack, or at least a bomber.



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