Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 2011 Recap, Info and Top 3 Craft Beers!

May was another very good month for reviewing craft beer.   So good in fact that I had two brews score in the mid/upper 90s!!  Here are the top three that I had the pleasure of reviewing.  If you see the Avery on shelves pick it up very soon for optimal freshness.  Willoughby Brewing will also be expanding the Peanut Butter Coffee Porter outside of the Brewpub to places like B-Spot and XYZ in the coming months!!
  1. Avery Brewing Maharaja Imperial IPA 97.75/100
  2. Willoughby Brewing Company Peanut Butter Coffee Porter 95/100
  3. Southern Tier Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout 83.5/100
Outside of reviewing individual craft beers I also had the pleasure of attending the International Beer Fest at the IX Center.   To check out my review of the 1st session click here!  To see a list of all the award winners click here!   Finally, if you are looking for a good craft beer event in June, check out the Fat Head's Brewers Brawl on June 11th!

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