Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lizardville Beer Store and Whiskey Bar Sneak Peak

I had the chance to visit the Lizardville Beer Store and Whiskey Bar today for a few minutes after work.   I wanted to give everyone a preview of the space, and an idea of the beer selection they will have to offer when they open their doors on April 26th at 3pm.  They are located right next door to the Winking Lizard Tavern in Bedford Heights. The space is not finished yet, but it is coming together nicely.  They will have 8 beers on draft along with a variety of whiskeys and a large bottled beer selection.  The draft beers they will have will be pretty unique, and the turn over on different beers on tap is bound to be pretty quick.  They will do growler fills and yes they will fill any growler you bring in.   There is a possibility though if it is one of the special Lizardville growlers you might be a few dollars off your fill-up!  The bar is equipped for nitro, but they will not start out with any beers on nitro opening day.  They also plan to keep the public up to date on what is in stock both bottle wise and tap wise through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.   The space will be limited to the bar seating, which I estimate will be between 12-15 seats and no more than 3-4 small inside tables.  There will be a small outdoor patio space that will also have bar service.  The single bottles will have price tags placed below them on the shelves along with a description of the beer.  The bottles are arranged according to style, not brewer, which I think is a very smart idea. I was told that they really hope to make Lizardville not only a fun place to try great drinks, but also a place where people can learn about beer!  I hope this gives you a little idea of what Lizardville is going to be all about.  Here are some pictures of what they have in stock beer wise so far.  There is more coming in over the next few days as well!

Update: Forgot to mention that the beers at Lizardville with NOT count for the World Tour, and food offerings will be on a limited menu.

For a larger view of any of the pictures simply click on the picture!


  1. Are they going to have any food? Looks like a wine store, but for beer.

  2. Excellent question! I forgot to mention that and updated the post. The food menu will be very limited. Bar snacks, not a full kitchen.

  3. Lizardville looks fantastic! I look forward to visiting.

    Thanks for the great write-up!

  4. What were the prices for the bottles of beer? Less than buying them in the restaurant?

  5. Prices were not yet posted, but from the way they were talking they are going to be reasonable. I'm not sure how they will compare to buying beers from the Winking Lizard because I've never taken beers home from there.

  6. What are their hours???? I want to go... LIKE NOW!



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