Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cleveland Craftbeer Coummunity March Meetup at Ballantine

Last night the Cleveland Craftbeer Community had our March Meetup at Ballantine in Downtown Willoughby.  Ballantine was very accommodating to our group by offering all 29 of the draft beers for only $3.00 a pint.  In addition,  they also brought in a firkin of New Holland The Poet!  I've had the Poet on draft and some others have had it on nitro before, on cask it was totally different and very good.  If you hurry today you might still be able to get some!  If you have never been to Ballantine they have a rotating handle list that they display on a chalk board right by the bar.  They have also begun to use QR codes on the menu!  A QR code is something you can scan with your smartphone and it will take you to the beers homepage online for more information!  I wanted to thank Ballantine for helping to put this event together and I wanted to thank all of those that braved the late March snow that fell last night.  Last night was another fun evening of sitting around and talking with great people while drinking great beer.  I had the pleasure of hanging out with family, friends, and even meeting some new craftbeer friends! Stay tuned for the April event, Bobby from Bobby Likes Beer is planning the April event and it sure to be a great time too! 


  1. Thanks for the rundown - now I really wish I could have attended. I'll have to try Ballantine out if I ever happen to be in Willoughby.

  2. Brady no worries. That is why we have an event every month and try to move it around from city to city. Thanks again for checking out the blog.

  3. Nice write up. Can't wait to make it to my first meetup.

  4. Many thanks to Ballantine for being so hospitable! The $3 drafts and other specials were incredibly generous and it was great to have a server as excited about craft beer as our group is!

    It's always fun when we get together and this meet-up was no exception!

  5. Sounds like a good time and thanks for the invite. I was hoping to make it out but didn't, partially because of the snow and distance. I'm really hoping for a meetup at the East side Melt sometime (four blocks from my house)



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