Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Warmer 2013 Recap

On Saturday, February 23rd, my wife and I attended the 7th Annual Winter Warmer Fest at Windows on the River.   This year the space was spread out to three different areas, two indoor and one outdoor. This allowed the event to not feel as crowded as in years past.  The two indoor areas contained 25 different craft breweries from Ohio, while the outside area was set up for the cask ales.
Overall, the event was very fun and ran pretty smoothly.  I have to give lots of credit to the Ohio Craft Brewers who took this event seriously and brought some truly unique and tasty beer. There were many different beers that I had never tried, so I took this opportunity to seek them out.  Some of my favorites were the Columbus Brewing Creeper, Willloughby Supernova, Fat Heads IBusive, and Great Lakes Alchemy Hour.  These hop forward brews were delicious and I urge you to seek them out while they are still around town!   Outside of the hoppy beer, I also really enjoyed some delicious cask beer.  My favorites were Columbus Habanero Bodhi, Fat Heads "No Jolokia" Imperial Stout, and the Great Lakes Phoenix Coffee Edmund Fitzgerald Porter.   These ones are a little rarer to find, but keep your eyes peeled because you never know when they are going to have a special firkin at the brewery!
In addition to some really great craft beer, there was wonderful live music by Austin Walkin' Cane, and a deli lunch was provided with your ticket.  Although the lunch was included, myself and many others found it to be less than pleasing, and in fact, they even ran out of food.  Luckily the Fired Up Taco Truck was parked right outside the cask area.  The Chicken and Beef tacos we ordered were simply delicious!   The only problem was they were not prepared for the number of people that they would be serving because they ran out of food well before the event was over.   Next year I hope that the included food idea is changed. Instead of providing us with food, simply invite several food trucks and then give everyone a $5.00 voucher that they could spend at whichever truck they choose.   
If you also attended Winter Warmer I'd love for you to share your thoughts on the event.  What was your favorite beer?  What did you think of the food?  What would you change/improve to make next year even better?   Cheers!!

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