Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rust Belt Brewing Blast Furnace Blond Ale

Review #121
Here is what the Brewer says:
I could not find anything regarding what the Brewer has to say about this beer other than the story printed on the side of the bottle.
My Thoughts:  This beer poured hazy golden amber with minimal head.   The smell was mostly of wheat and yeast, but there was a very, very slight hint of citrus too.  There wasn't much to describe in terms of flavor.  Mild wheat and yeast came through as the nose suggested, along with a hint of herbal hops and caramel malt.  The body on this beer was light and it was highly carbonated, almost a little too much carbonation.  In the end the extra high carbonation combined with a very light flavor caused me to score this lower.
Serving Type: 22oz Bottle
My Rating: Overall 63/100
Look: 3.5 | Smell: 3.5 | Taste: 3 | Feel: 3 | Drink: 3

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